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FAQs related to Arrival to Nepal

1. How can I get On Arrival Visa?

- Visit the link for detail information Click here to Visit Visa on Arrival Page


2. What are the different kinds of On Arrival Visa?

- All 'On Arrival Visas' are Tourist Visas. In other words, Tourist Visas are Entry Visas. If you are travelling to Nepal for purposes other than tourism (sightseeing, travelling, visiting friends and families), you will have to change your visa status. Contact Department of Immigration with necessary documents to change Visa category.


3. I am travelling to Nepal for a business meeting. What kind of visa should I get to enter Nepal?

- You have to get Tourist visa as a entry visa. You can get it either from Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad or On Arrival (if eligible, check our website for detail). If you are investing and running business in Nepal for long term, you might consider getting Business Visa.


4. I need Tourist Visa with Multiple Re entry facility. What can I do?

- All Tourists Visas issued by Nepalese diplomatic missions and 'On Arrival' at the Entry & Exit points including Immigration office, TIA bear multiple Re - entry facility.  Whereas, Tourist Visas  extended at DOI (Department of Immigration) and Pokhara Immigration Office comes with Multiple Re entry facility if you pay additional 20 US dollars.


5. I have children of 5 years and 6 years to they need a visa, Does he/she need a Visa?

- Yes, However, they get it for free. Minors below 10 years get Gratis visa.


6. What is Gratis Visa?

- It is a kind of Visa that is issued for free.


7. I am an Indian citizen? Can I travel to Nepal with my Aadhar card or driving license?

- No.  We need a document that exclusively proves your nationality. Hence, you need to produce either valid Indian Passport or Election Card (issued by Election Commission) to enter into Nepal.


8. I am an Indian passport holder. I am travelling to Nepal with two kids below 12 years. They do not have passport. What should I do?

- Minors of an Indian passport holder (if accompanied by their parents) can travel to Nepal with their Student Identity Card or Birth Certificate.


9. I am an NRN card holder. How many days Gratis visa do I get?

- Gratis visa to an NRN is issued for 30 days at the moment. It is subject to change as per directive issued by our line agencies (Department of Immigration and Ministry of Home Affairs)


10. I want to bring a dog to Nepal. What should I do?

- Immigration and Customs are different entities in Nepal.  As it does not come under our jurisdiction, please contact (link of Department of customs) for necessary information.


11. I am an Afghan citizen. I learnt that I need Visa prior to my Arrival to Nepal. What should I do?

- Please contact your closest Nepalese diplomatic missions to obtain Visa. Make sure you have valid visa and passport before you board on plane.


12. I do not want to wait in queue for visa at the Tribhuvan International Airport? What can I do?

- You can get Pre Arrival Visa to Nepal from Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad.


13. How long does it take to get Visa On Arrival at the TIA?

- We have made things very simple and easy for travelers. Usually, you can get visas in less than an hour. Nevertheless, you can expect some delays and queues especially during the peak tourist season.


14. What currency is accepted for payment of required visa fees?

- It is better to carry American dollars (in cash) for payment even though we accept other currencies too.


15. Does my Visa/Maestro/American Express card work?

- Yes. But we advise you to carry cash (American dollars) as well at least to cover your Visa expenses.


16. I have obtained visa from Nepalese Embassy in London (United Kingdom).  When should I enter Nepal?

- You should come to Nepal within 6 months (from the visa issued date).

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