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FAQs related to Marriage Visa

  1.  For what length of time can I get a Marriage Visa for my spouse?        

- Marriage Visa is issued for maximum of one year. If you are the first time applicant applying for a Marriage Visa, it is issued for maximum of six months.


  1. What is the fee structure for Marriage Visa?   

- 10 USD per month. If you need multiple Re-entry facility, you must pay an additional 60 USD.


  1. When can I extend my Marriage Visa?             

- You should renew your Marriage Visa once it expires. Given practical considerations,we entertain your application a week prior to your visa expiration date.


  1. Do I need to bring my Nepali spouse (husband/wife) every time I apply for visa renewal? 

- Yes. It is mandatory that your spouse be present every time you renew your visa.


  1. Can I work under a Marriage Visa?               

- You are eligible to work only after obtaining a work/labour permit. The Department of Immigration can facilitate the process by forwarding you work permit application to our line ministry (The Ministry of Home Affairs)  after acquiring necessary documents  from you. You will then have to go through the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Department of  Labour fulfilling all the necessary procedures of each institution.


  1. Can I apply for work/labour permit without having a job at hand?         

- No. You can apply only after you have a job at hand or after getting an offerfroma potential employer.


  1. My husband is abroad. I live with my in-laws. Can I still apply for Marriage Visa?

- Yes. You should bring your Marriage Registration Certificate (registered at District Administration Office) and Relationship Certificate (issued by the concerned Local Government body) exhibiting your relationship (with photo attached) with your in laws. One of your in- laws should be present in person at the DOI for visa processing procedure.


  1. How much should I pay if I get a Visa through my in laws?            

- It is 15 USD/month.


  1. My spouse is of Nepali origin. She does not hold a Nepali passport. Can I get Marriage Visa through my spouse?                     

-  As of now, our existing laws do not acknowledge dual citizenship. Marriage Visa is issued to spouse of Nepali citizen only. You are eligible for Marriage Visa' only if your wife is a Nepali citizen holding a Nepali passport exclusively.


     10. I have been married to a Nepali citizen for 5 years now. I have been renewing my visa every year and have been living in Nepal for four years already. Is there any provision of temporary residency that does not require me to go through visa renewal every year?            

 - No, there is no provision of temporary residency or longer term permit at the moment.


     11. I am married to Nepali citizen. I am living in Nepal on a Business Visa. Can I change my visa status from Business Visa to Marriage Visa?                    

- You can only change your visa status upon producing a clarification/recommendation from the Department of Industry and tax clearance.


      12. Is there a permanent residency status available for spouses of Nepali citizens?         

-  "No"


     13. Is there a multiple year marriage visa in Nepal?       

-  "No"


     14. Can I get permanent residency in Nepal as a spouse of a Nepali citizen?       

 - "No"

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